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Color customisable themes

1. General option (in Appearance > Background)

You can change the background color or upload a background image in all themes except the following ones:

Beach, Brand New Day, Duotone, Elegant Grunge, Esquire, Freshy, Fusion, Garland, Greenery, Greyzed, Iceburgg, Kubrick, Manifest, Monotone, Ocadia, Ocean Mist, Prologue, Redoable Lite, Solipsus, Spring Loaded, Sunburn, Sweet Blossoms, The Journalist v1.9, Thirteen, Titan, Toni, Toolbox, Under the Influence, Vermilion Christmas, Vertigo, Vigilance.

Note, however, that in some cases the results are poor; here’s Dusk, for example, before and after the addition of a custom background color (yes, the second screenshot is the exact same area of the exact same blog page):

Dusk Original Dusk Custom Background

2. Other options (in Appearance > Theme Options)

Andreas 09: 14 color options for titles, links, and header.
Bouquet: 3 color schemes.
Brand New Day: 4 color schemes.
Bueno: 7 color schemes.
Chateau: light or dark scheme, color selector and hex field for link color (including post titles).
Choco: 3 color schemes.
Clean Home: 4 color schemes.
Comet: 7 color schemes.
Coraline: 7 color schemes.
Hemingway: white or black color scheme.
Day Dream: 4 color options for titles, links, and header.
Duotone: hex field for setting outer background color.
Dusk to Dawn: color picker for links.
Forever: color picker for links.
Fruit Shake: 3 color schemes.
Garland: color picker and hex fields for header background, sidebar background, links, and main body text.
Imbalalnce 2: color picker for links.
Inuit Types: 7 options for background color to sidebar items and other details; one of the options also black background to whole blog.
iTheme2: 3 color schemes.
Kubrick: color picker for header colors.
MLB (all three of them): 31 baseball-related schemes/backgrounds.
Modularity Lite: dark or light scheme.
Mystique: 6 color schemes.
Nishita: light or dark scheme.
NotesIL: 12 color options for header, footer, post titles, and text links.
Nuntius: header area color and link color customizable (two separate color pickers and hex fields).
Oulipo: white or black color scheme.
P2: color picker and hex field for background, or 6 ready-made background patterns.
Pilcrow: 4 color schemes.
Quintus: 2 color schemes.
Regulus: 6 color options, for some tabs only; 8 ready-made header images.
Selecta: 6 color schemes.
Spectrum: 3 color options for the post/page title ribbons.
Skeptical: 4 color schemes.
Structure: white or black color scheme.
Supposedly Clean: 3 color options for sidebar separators and header.
Toni: 4 color options for sidebar background and header.
Triton Lite: hex fields for “accent” color (top nav and footer) and link color.
Twenty Eleven: light or dark scheme, color selector and hex field for link color.
Under the Influence: color selector and hex field for divider lines, link hover, and tabs in post metadata.
Vertigo: hex field for link color.
Vigilance: Light or dark scheme, plus color picker and hex fields for background, border, and links.
Wu Wei: white or black color scheme.

3. Supplementary option (in Appearance > Header)

Ambiru, Andrea, Autofocus, Black-Letterhead, Bouquet, Chaos Theory, Coraline, Day Dream, Digg 3 Column, Dusk to Dawn, Duster, Elegant Grunge, Forever, Fresh & Clean, Fruit Shake, Fusion, Grid Focus, Imbalance 2, iTheme2, Koi, Kubrick, Liquorice, Matala, Misty Look, Mystique, Nishita, Notepad, Nuntius, Quintus, P2, Parament, Piano Black, Pilcrow, Reddle, Retro-fitted, Shaan, Strange Little Town, Structure, Suburbia, Sundance, Sunspot, Triton Lite, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Under the Influence, Vertigo, Vigilance, Wu Wei, zBench: color picker and hex field for blog title and tagline. (Note: in a few cases the color change will affect only the one of the two.)

Also, a few themes offer alternative ready-made header images.

Note: auto changes

Duotone & Monotone: each page automatically adopts a different color to match the displayed image.



9 thoughts on “Color customisable themes

  1. oh – THANK YOU – this is a great help!!!!

    Posted by mommawolffenterprises | June 16, 2009, 16:58
  2. You’re welcome. It’s no big deal – it’s just that the wp notes and FAQs are too short on that…

    Posted by Panos | June 17, 2009, 05:42
  3. I am going to have to try one of these out, Color customisable themes how cool is that! would love to turn my links on our blog from white to red

    thanks for the info

    Posted by webmistress27 | December 23, 2009, 19:52
  4. duh right! I figured it out…thanks again for all the info you have offered here

    Posted by webmistress27 | December 23, 2009, 23:07
  5. You’re welcome!

    Posted by Panos | December 23, 2009, 23:37
  6. Having a bit of trouble here. All is well with selecting modularity lite as my theme but having a difficulty you may be able to help me out with. I’ve selected “Yes! I’d like to enable the optional home page slideshow” on the Theme Options panel but the slideshow is not showing up on my main page. A large gap is there instead. Tried reloading, de-selecting and re-selecting but nothing seems to be changing. What can I do?

    Posted by mavrokou | July 11, 2010, 13:23
  7. See here for starters:
    If that doesn’t solve your problem, link to the blog in question so I can see what’s wrong. (If you’re talking about the blog linked to your username, change to the new theme again.)

    Posted by Panos | July 11, 2010, 17:45


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