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Note: Sorry if I no longer reply to plain thank-you comments. I appreciate your kind words, but WP doesn’t accept duplicate comments, and I can’t keep on inventing ways to say “you’re welcome” when I don’t have anything to say in addition to that.

1. WordPress.COM

If you have a remark or question, you’re in the wrong place (try the forum instead). As my tagline says, my blog is about blogs, not self-hosted WordPress blogs: different software, different themes or theme versions, different possibilities and limitations, different problems and solutions. If the distinction isn’t clear to you, check this doc: or ? The difference.

2. Blog links

When you ask a question I must be able to see your blog (because many issues are theme-dependent or require examining the blog or its sourcecode, also because of point 1 above); so make sure your username links to your blog [*] or include the URL of your blog in your comment. If you ask about a particular problem somewhere in your blog, please be precise, for example point to or paste the URL of the post or page in question.
[*] In case you don’t know how to do that: Users > Personal Settings > scroll down to “Account Details”, paste blog URL in the “website” field, click Save Changes.

3. Allowed HTML

The HTML you can use when commenting is very limited – see my post Html allowed in comments pt.2.
Basically, the only tags that are both allowed and (possibly) useful are those for blockquotes, italics, and bold text, plus the code for links.

4. Pasting code

An HTML code or a WP shortcode pasted in a comment will not show up correctly: if it’s allowed, it will produce the result it’s meant to; if it’s not allowed, it will be automatically stripped out (partially or completely), or parts of it will be mangled. To display HTML codes, you can use one of the following methods:

a) Paste it in Textsnip and give me the URL you’ll get.
b) Paste it in your comment after you convert it here.
c) Paste it in your comment, enclosed in the sourcecode shortcode:

[sourcecode language="html"]

Method a is more foolproof.

5. Missing comments

I never edit or delete genuine comments unless the commenter asks me to, or unless I have to remove unnecessary or suspicious or harmful objects or links; in the second case I always add a bracketed note in italics (signed P.).

Comments aren’t moderated either, except if they contain more than two links. And Akismet is very rarely wrong, but it may occasionally mistake a genuine comment for spam. I can’t check my spam folder all the time, so in the unlikely event that your comment doesn’t show up, please post a short comment to alert me.


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