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Athens by night
During an act of treason by a non-elected government.
La Llorona
Lyrics (as sung by Chavella Vargas) and translation.
Misty path
Just a photo I like…
Three Escher lithographs
Originally posted as an illustration of my (obsolete) workaround for nav tabs in gallery attachment pages.
For amusement only…
Collection of not-so-good forum replies by staff.
Positions absolute, relative, stable(d), unstable(d) and others
A possibly interesting dialogue in the forum.
There we go again…
On certain idiosyncrasies of the founder of WP.
Wordрress going to the dogs
On the latest brilliant WP decision.
Stats, wordpress way
Vote for or against the new HTML editor font


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✶ All theme-related posts are updated up to and including theme 189 in this list, but will not continue to be updated.


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