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The customizer and other settings/options

What the tool does, what to do if it doesn’t work, and why you should do it anyway.

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Overriding default table colors In most themes, when you create an html table the background of each cell is transparent unless you specify otherwise. But in a few of the newer themes (Autofocus, Beach, Bold Life, Clean Home, Dark Wood, Esquire, Motion, Mystique, Nuntius, Parament, Retro-fitted, Strange Little Town, Titan, Triton Lite), tables have a colored background … Continue reading

Sticky posts and their appearance On your main posts page, recent posts are normally displayed in reverse chronological order (latest at the top). A sticky is a post that overrides this order: no matter what its date, it will show up above the most recent post. The option is found if you click the “Visibility” tab in the Publish … Continue reading

Background and tables in Dark Wood Dark Wood is the latest addition to themes. Most notable feature: it allows you to upload a background image (without resorting to html workarounds that, as we’ve been threatened, will soon be blocked). Not as good as it sounds, though: your choices will be extremely limited, because of the theme’s color palette. (Examination … Continue reading

Vigilance: further color changes [Update June 3, 2010: WP just made various changes to Vigilance; codes below updated accordingly.] Background to sticky post A sticky post in Vigilance is visually differentiated by adopting the color you’ve set for borders (under Appearance > Vigilance Options) as its background; if you’ve set no hex number for borders, you get a … Continue reading

Background color to text For a block of text enclosed in a colored background (like the example below), you can use this code (in the html post or page editor, or in text widgets): <div style="padding:12px;background-color:#HEX HERE;line-height:1.4;"> TEXT HERE </div>   For palettes and hex color codes see the Hex Hub. Padding = space around text; “line-height” may … Continue reading

Color customisable themes 1. General option (in Appearance > Background) You can change the background color or upload a background image in all themes except the following ones: Beach, Brand New Day, Duotone, Elegant Grunge, Esquire, Freshy, Fusion, Garland, Greenery, Greyzed, Iceburgg, Kubrick, Manifest, Monotone, Ocadia, Ocean Mist, Prologue, Redoable Lite, Solipsus, Spring Loaded, Sunburn, Sweet Blossoms, … Continue reading


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