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Widgets for blogs: 14 – jigsaw puzzles

On you can find many jigsaw puzzles, or turn your own images into such puzzles. You can play them on the site, but you can also insert them in your blog. Continue reading

Inserting Calameo docs

You can insert Calameo docs, by turning the original embed code into the appropriate shortcode.
(For more on this, see The gigya shortcode: inserting Flash. Also note that Calameo provide their own “Wordpress” shortcode, but that shortcode doesn’t work.)

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Inserting Picasa slideshows

If you have a Google account and create albums in Picasaweb, you can insert them as slideshows in your blog, by turning the original embed code into the appropriate shortcode (for more on this, see The gigya shortcode: inserting Flash).

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Inserting Webshots slideshows

You can insert your own or other users’ Webshots slideshows, by turning the original embed code into the appropriate shortcode (for more on this, see The gigya shortcode – inserting Flash).

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Widgets for blogs: 13 – some games

Some users occasionally ask for games you can add to your blog. You can add any game if it’s flash, by turning the embed code into the right shortcode. So here are a few. Happy holidays!

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Inserting Prezi docs

Prezi is a zooming presentation editor that allows you to create elaborate presentations (more interesting than slideshows).
This post explains how you can embed a Prezi doc in a blog.

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Youtube videos starting at a specific point

YouTube videos are embedded via a WP-specific shortcode (or by simply pasting the video URL, if you have enabled auto-embeds in Settings > Media).
The shortcode allows you to add extra options too – see Support doc on YouTube.
But there’s an option missing from that doc: making the video start at a specific point. Continue reading

Inserting Grooveshark audio players

Grooveshark has a large collection of songs and classical music. You can insert a single song, or create and insert a playlist. The embed code they provide cannot be used directly in a blog, but it can be converted to a working shortcode (see here for general background).
A. Single song Continue reading

Inserting a series of Youtube videos If you have a Youtube account, you can create and save playlists. You can then insert such a playlist in your blog, and the videos will play in sequence. Useful for actual playlists as well as long videos that have been split into a number of parts. Copy the URL of the playlist; it … Continue reading

Inserting Kickstarter videos Update May 2013: Kickstarter videos have a different sourcecode now. New instructions: Visit the video page, select View Source from the menu bar of your browser and search for this: <meta property="og:video:secure_url" Copypaste the code from that point up to the height and width tags, and paste it into a simple text file. Example: … Continue reading

Widgets for blogs: 6b – funny quotes Shortcode: [gigya src="" width="400" height="212" quality="high" wmode="transparent" ]

Adding an Etsy widget [Update summer 2012: post obsolete.] If you have an Etsy shop, you can display clickable thumbnails of items from your shop (or your favorites) in your sidebar. Example: Kerry Murray Photo The code you can get from Etsy isn’t directly allowed in blogs. But you can convert it into a different, allowed, code … Continue reading


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