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“Posts on pages” Required reading 1: Post Categories Required reading 2: Post vs. Page Users sometimes ask how they can make some posts appear on a page they create. This question springs from a confusion between two different kinds of “pages”. Your main posts pages, or the pages that show up if you click certain items in … Continue reading

Date on static pages In all themes, posts display the publication date – goes along with the very idea of a blog. Static pages, on the other hand, sit outside the chronological structure of a blog; so as a rule they don’t display the publication date. There are some exceptions, though: • In Andrea, Chaos Theory, Duotone, … Continue reading

Custom header image in Motion Good news if you’re not a fan of the ubiquitous white: the latest addition to themes is Motion, a beautiful dark-colored theme designed by 85 ideas. (Hopefully widget maniacs will resist its other temptation: widgets can be placed in the sidebar as well as a 3-column bottombar as well as the header! Another … Continue reading

Widgets on static pages or single posts In most themes, widgets are displayed on all dynamic pages (main posts page, category pages etc.) as well as when you view a static page or a single complete post. There are some exceptions or special cases, though: On static pages Blix, Duster, Iceburgg: no sidebar. Fauna: regular sidebar replaced by links to … Continue reading

A guide to the new dashboard (pt. 1) [Originally written and posted in the Support Forum 5/12/2008 (the day WP 2.7 was implemented). Re-posted here with some minor changes, also updated to include modifications subsequently introduced.] Top level navigation changes Top level navigation used to be Write ( → new post, page, etc.), Manage ( → existing posts, pages, etc.), and … Continue reading

Some remarks on Monotone and Duotone Monotone is a very unusual theme, designed to be primarily used as a photo album, with one image in each post. Unique features: • Image showcased above post title, rest of post content (if any) below title. • Images inserted in full size – resizing options/tools don’t work. • One post per page (with … Continue reading

Page tabs as extra links A page tab can work as a link to another webpage. The way to do that is publish a blank page with a link to that webpage in its title box. Html code model: <a href="URL OF WEBPAGE HERE">NAME HERE</a> Officially you cannot have html code in title boxes (it either gets stripped out … Continue reading

Archives and Links page templates Some themes allow you to create special types of pages, by selecting the appropriate template in the Attributes module of the page editor (note that there are a couple of themes in which those templates seem to be available but actually don’t work). The Archives Page template is available and working in the following … Continue reading

Child pages: links displayed on parent or as dropdowns Links to child pages are normally displayed in the sidebar or bottombar only (provided the Pages widget is activated). If you want links to child pages on the parent page itself, then in most themes you have to add them manually. In the following themes such links show up automatically: Brand New Day (top … Continue reading

Header tabs In some themes, when you create new pages you automatically get tabs for them in the header (“top menu” or “top navigation”). Other themes have no header tabs (so you need the Pages widget for the sidebar or bottombar). Header tabs: Adventure Journal Albeo Ambiru Andreas 04 Andreas 09 Autofocus Beach Blix Blogum Bold … Continue reading


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