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Featured posts/images in Bueno The newly introduced Bueno theme includes a unique widget: “Bueno Featured Posts”. Activating this widget allows you to showcase some posts in the sidebar. (You can add the widget to one of the footer cells instead of the sidebar, but that defeats the purpose of showcasing.) Title You can title the widget any way … Continue reading

Introduction to the Structure theme [Last updated May 2013] Structure is the latest addition to themes. Its chief attraction (or repulsion) is the unique structure of the homepage, which is divided into two main sections: the lower one displays your latest posts (as usual), while the upper one is designed to showcase one post (perhaps too glaringly). The … Continue reading

Featured posts/images in Inuit Types The blog front in Inuit Types normally displays the beginnings of your latest posts; number of posts set in Settings > Reading > “Blog pages show at most [ ] posts”. The most recent posts can be highlighted as “Featured Posts”; number of posts selected in Appearance > Theme Options > “Featured Post Entries”. … Continue reading

Custom header image in Inuit Types Inuit Types is the latest addition to themes. It has no header image, but you can place one in the blog title area by taking advantage of the “Front Page Intro” feature (obviously the image will appear on your front page only). Option 1 – plain image Create a 610px wide image (must … Continue reading

Custom frame around a WP slideshow A recently introduced feature is the ability to display a gallery as a slideshow. The images are displayed against a dark grey frame – see example in the blog announcement. That frame may not be to your liking, or may not fit the theme you’re using, but it isn’t directly customizable (yet?); so … Continue reading

Restoring the original background in Dark Wood [Update – Post obsolete: Appearance > Background now includes a “Restore original bg image”, as it should.] In Dark Wood, you can insert a background image of your own, by uploading it under Appearance > Background (but see here). Under the same section you can also remove the image you have uploaded, of course. … Continue reading

Background and tables in Dark Wood Dark Wood is the latest addition to themes. Most notable feature: it allows you to upload a background image (without resorting to html workarounds that, as we’ve been threatened, will soon be blocked). Not as good as it sounds, though: your choices will be extremely limited, because of the theme’s color palette. (Examination … Continue reading

Header image in Titan… …is not possible without the CSS upgrade. But you can display an image below the header. Create a 958px wide image, upload it via Media > Add New, copy its URL. Then go to Appearance > Titan Options, click “Homepage Notice”, paste the following code in the “Custom notice” box, click “Save Changes”: <img … Continue reading

Hiding title and tagline in MistyLook In several themes, including MistyLook, you can upload a custom header image (full list here). When your image includes the blog title and tagline, the standard ones that show up above the image are redundant; for that reason, some themes include a “Hide Text” option. Unfortunately MistyLook doesn’t. Deleting the title is highly inadvisable … Continue reading

Custom header image in Motion Good news if you’re not a fan of the ubiquitous white: the latest addition to themes is Motion, a beautiful dark-colored theme designed by 85 ideas. (Hopefully widget maniacs will resist its other temptation: widgets can be placed in the sidebar as well as a 3-column bottombar as well as the header! Another … Continue reading

Customizing the header in iNove and Grid Focus In several themes you can add a custom header image via Appearance > Custom Header (see this post). In iNove you can add an image to the right side of the header via Appearance > iNove Theme Options > “Banner”. Create a 60px high image, upload it via Media > Add New, copy its … Continue reading

Image quality WordPress users occasionally notice that the images they upload and insert into their posts appear duller than the originals. That’s because WP isn’t as good as an image editing application when it comes to resizing: images resized by WP lose some color and sharpness. I first came across the issue in this forum thread … Continue reading


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