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The gigya shortcode 1 – inserting videos supports javascript and flash, but doesn’t allow you to use those types of code directly, for security reasons – see Support doc on code. To insert objects that would normally require such a code, you use various WP-specific formulas – see Support doc on shortcodes. Strangely, the gigya shortcode is missing from that … Continue reading

Anti-reblogging If you don’t like “reblogging”, and so long as WP refuses to consider the addition of an opt-out option, try pasting this at the beginning of a post (in the html editor) and see what happens when you reblog that post: <div style="display:none;"> ADD AT LEAST SIXTY-SIX WORDS HERE </div> (None of this will … Continue reading

Overriding default table borders In most themes, when you create an html table the cell borders are invisible unless you specify otherwise. In some of the newer themes, however (Blogum, Bouquet, Brand New Day, Chateau, Choco, Comet, Coraline, Dusk to Dawn, Duster, Enterprise, Fresh & Clean, Fusion, Greyzed, Imbalance 2, iNove, Liquorice, Manifest, Matala, Monochrome, Neutra, Next … Continue reading

Reblogging, and countermeasures… A few days ago WP introduced a questionable new feature called reblogging (see the announcement in the blog, with the silly title “We All Like to Reblog” – italics mine). Read the forum thread on the issue: [*] lots of posts (including several by me) exposing the problems and replying to some fantastic … Continue reading

Comments: allowed HTML (2) As shown in part 1 of this article, some themes display this as the html you are confined to when commenting: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <pre> <del datetime=""> <em> <i><q cite=""> <strike> <strong> Explanation (for those not familiar with html) All the above are opening tags: … Continue reading

Narrower blockquotes In some themes, regular blockquotes show up with little or no indenting. If you wish to make the blockquote column narrower, you can do it this way (in the html editor): <div class="aligncenter" style="width:85%;"> <blockquote>BLOCKQUOTE TEXT HERE</blockquote> </div> o Or this way: <div style="padding-left:30px;padding-right:24px;"> <blockquote>BLOCKQUOTE TEXT HERE</blockquote> </div> o In both cases the numbers … Continue reading

Comments: allowed HTML (1) The html you can use when commenting on someone else’s blog is very limited. Strangely, the Support docs are silent on this. So is the comment area in most themes – with some exceptions. In Vigilance you get this (almost useless) notice below the comment box: “Note: You can use basic XHTML in your … Continue reading

Custom header image in Inuit Types Inuit Types is the latest addition to themes. It has no header image, but you can place one in the blog title area by taking advantage of the “Front Page Intro” feature (obviously the image will appear on your front page only). Option 1 – plain image Create a 610px wide image (must … Continue reading

Custom frame around a WP slideshow A recently introduced feature is the ability to display a gallery as a slideshow. The images are displayed against a dark grey frame – see example in the blog announcement. That frame may not be to your liking, or may not fit the theme you’re using, but it isn’t directly customizable (yet?); so … Continue reading

Links in Neutra Seems we’re having a sudden surge of new themes that must include at least one weird idea… Latest gem is Neutra – see what happens with links: The thing is pale, so enjoy aclose-up of the (uncut) symbol: In most cases it’s better to have your links open in a new browser window, so … Continue reading

Background and tables in Dark Wood Dark Wood is the latest addition to themes. Most notable feature: it allows you to upload a background image (without resorting to html workarounds that, as we’ve been threatened, will soon be blocked). Not as good as it sounds, though: your choices will be extremely limited, because of the theme’s color palette. (Examination … Continue reading

Links in Rounded In my opinion, Rounded is a badly designed theme. Among other things, it’s got this rather unfortunate idea for highlighting links: If you’re using Rounded and you wish to turn your links into standard blue underlined ones, change the beginning of the link code from this: <a href= to this: <a style="color:#00f;background:transparent;text-decoration:underline;" href= The … Continue reading


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