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Table coding for users

Tables are used to display content in rows and columns; that is, to display content as a grid of cells, with or without visible borders. This article is a detailed and up-to-date tutorial, designed specifically for users. Continue reading

Spoiler/hover content

Users sometimes ask how to create content that shows up only upon hover. If you have the Custom Design upgrade, this is easy. If you don’t have the upgrade, it’s very complicated but possible. Continue reading

Sidebar at the bottom and related layout issues

The main posts page of your blog is structured as a series of sections containing other sections, each one with its own layout and styling. Each section is defined by a pair of div tags: an opening one and a closing one. If a solitary div tag is accidentally introduced somewhere in a post or in a text widget, the structure of the page gets messed up from that point on. Continue reading

Introduction to HTML for users

This article is for users who aren’t familiar with HTML and inline CSS yet, and probably find them intimidating. I hope you’ll find it encouraging to know that when I started blogging I knew absolutely nothing about them myself, and when I was first shown HTML and CSS I ran away in terror…

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Full-width header image in Imbalance 2

The newly added Imbalance 2 is an unusual and interesting theme. Its main posts page normally displays post excerpts in four columns. The header area of the theme is also unusual: instead of displaying a full-width image and a horizontal menu, it conforms to the four-column concept of the main page. You can change that via coding in a Text widget or if you have the Custom Design upgrade. Continue reading

Image captions with no dash in Twenty Eleven

Image captions in Twenty Eleven are adorned with a strange dash some users don’t like. Using the workarounds described in this post you can get rid of the dash and center the caption text. The same technique can be used to modify the styling of image captions in any theme.

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Inserting Prezi docs

Prezi is a zooming presentation editor that allows you to create elaborate presentations (more interesting than slideshows).
This post explains how you can embed a Prezi doc in a blog.

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Clickable header image in Clean Home

In all themes, the header image or the blog title works as a link back to your homepage. In Clean Home, the header image doesn’t work s a home link (as a rule, this happens only when the regular blog title is inside the image area).
If you wish to make the header image clickable, there are two solutions. Continue reading

Customizing the blog title in Blogum

The blog title in Blogum is black, and it comes with a decorative dash. If you don’t like the dash, you can use HTML in a text widget to hide it. Using a similar technique, you can also color the title, if you wish, or you can reposition the tagline.

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Changing the formatting of image captions

Users sometimes ask if and how you can change the formatting of the caption in a captioned image.
If you confine yourself to the initial result you’ll get in the Visual or the HTML editor, you cannot. But you can, if you replace the image shortcode with its actual sourcecode. Continue reading

Inserting Grooveshark audio players

Grooveshark has a large collection of songs and classical music. You can insert a single song, or create and insert a playlist. The embed code they provide cannot be used directly in a blog, but it can be converted to a working shortcode (see here for general background).
A. Single song Continue reading

Clickable header image in Vertigo

In all themes, the header image or the blog title works as a link back to your homepage. Some themes allow you to hide the actual blog title and tagline (see list in my post Header images). That’s useful if you wish to add your own header image with the blog title incorporated in it as a graphic. But if you do that in Vertigo, Continue reading


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