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Gallery attachment pages: navigation links and image links

In almost all themes, gallery attachment pages feature previous/next navigation links; their style varies (thumbnails, text, or icons).
What happens when you click the image on a gallery attachment page also varies (link to real-size original, link to next attachment page, or no link at all). Continue reading


Custom frame around a WP slideshow A recently introduced feature is the ability to display a gallery as a slideshow. The images are displayed against a dark grey frame – see example in the blog announcement. That frame may not be to your liking, or may not fit the theme you’re using, but it isn’t directly customizable (yet?); so … Continue reading

Three Escher lithographs Posted as an illustration of the technique described here. Update 26/10: Post obsolete – my attachment pages messed up now that themes have (fortunately) been updated to include navigation thumbnails.

Changing the default positioning of shortcode objects (pt. 3) [Updated April 2013.] [Pt.1 here; pt.2 here.] Adjusting gallery column distance <div class="aligncenter" style="width:60%;"> SHORTCODE HERE </div> The width number is an example – adjust it till the columns get the distance you prefer. Audio player with text (e.g. track title) by its side <div style="float:left;width:30%;"> TEXT HERE </div> <div style="float:left;width:70%;"> SHORTCODE HERE </div> … Continue reading

Changing the default positioning of shortcode objects (pt. 2) [Updated April 2013.] [Pt.1 here; pt.3 here.] Poll or gallery with wrap-around text <div style="float:left;margin-right:22px;"> SHORTCODE HERE </div> Example: Obviously the code above is for poll or gallery to the left, text to the right: you can use “float:right” and “margin-left” if you want it the other way. And you can adjust the vertical … Continue reading

Shortcode objects and changing their default positioning (pt. 1) [Updated April 2013.] [Pt.2 here; pt.3 here.] Several types of objects are embedded in a post or a page via what WP calls shortcodes. Among others – • Youtube shortcode: [youtube=URL HERE] • Vimeo shortcode: [vimeo NUMBER HERE] or [vimeo HERE] • Poll shortcode: [polldaddy poll=NUMBER HERE] • Audio player shortcode: [1] [audio URL … Continue reading

Some remarks on Monotone and Duotone Monotone is a very unusual theme, designed to be primarily used as a photo album, with one image in each post. Unique features: • Image showcased above post title, rest of post content (if any) below title. • Images inserted in full size – resizing options/tools don’t work. • One post per page (with … Continue reading

Navigation tabs on gallery attachment pages Update Oct.+Dec. 09: post obsolete (except tip at the end) – now almost all themes feature previous/next navigation links on gallery attachment pages.


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