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Main text font sizes compared The font family and the font size used for regular text in posts and static pages vary from theme to theme. This post is an attempt to sort themes according to displayed text size. Sample text illustrating the differences [Note: a few of the following will not display correctly if the font is … Continue reading


Default theme fonts Themes [A-C] Blog title Post titles Widget titles Regular text Adventure Journal Vollkorn Vollkorn Vollkorn Arial Albeo Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS Verdana Almost Spring Lucida Grande (bold) Lucida Grande (bold) Lucida Grande (bold) Lucida Grande Ambiru Sylfaen Sylfaen Sylfaen Tahoma Andrea Lucida Grande Lucida Grande (bold) Lucida Grande (bold) Verdana Andreas 04 … Continue reading

Improving Bueno via Typekit In Bueno you can add a custom header image. You can set a background color or add a background image. You can use the unique Bueno Featured Posts widget (see this post). You can use the newly introduced custom Menus (see update at the end of this post)… …And you’ve got a horrible-looking header: … Continue reading

Formatting text pt. 5: color, size, and font Note 1: All the following are used in the so-called Text (=code) post or page editor (as well as in text widgets). Note 2: In all the following cases, “span” is for characters, words or phrases inside a paragraph; for a complete paragraph, you write “p” instead of “span”; for sections comprising more than … Continue reading

Themes with serif fonts Serif (or “Roman”) means with end-strokes; sans-serif means without such strokes. Example: ACDEV (serif) ACDEV (sans-serif) blnqv (serif) blnqv (sans-serif) Serif fonts are more formal, closer to traditional typography. Sans-serif fonts are more casual, closer to handwriting styles; they are supposed to be easier to read on computer screens. For regular text in posts … Continue reading


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Announcement 22/03/2012: After WP's latest move, this blog will no longer offer active support and assistance. The blog will remain online but commenting on older posts has been disabled.
✶ All theme-related posts are updated up to and including theme 189 in this list, but will not continue to be updated.


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