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On the recent featured image issues

Two days ago users started complaining that their featured images stopped showing up. This post explains why this is happening, as well as what you need to observe from now on.

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Featured images “Featured images” are supported in a relatively small number of themes (see below). They are set as shown in the relevant Support doc. The function of a featured image is theme-dependent. Unfortunately the Support doc mentions emphasizes one of the possible functions only, and has misled many users. [See Update at end of post.] … Continue reading

Modularity Lite – the hundredth theme! The WP Theme Team have been churning out new themes at a frenzied pace; the hundredth had to be a good one, and a good one it is: introduced today, Modularity Lite is a dark theme, great for photo blogging (but not only). See announcement and demo. Unique features: • Optional slideshow on the … Continue reading

Featured posts/images in Bueno The newly introduced Bueno theme includes a unique widget: “Bueno Featured Posts”. Activating this widget allows you to showcase some posts in the sidebar. (You can add the widget to one of the footer cells instead of the sidebar, but that defeats the purpose of showcasing.) Title You can title the widget any way … Continue reading

Introduction to the Structure theme [Last updated May 2013] Structure is the latest addition to themes. Its chief attraction (or repulsion) is the unique structure of the homepage, which is divided into two main sections: the lower one displays your latest posts (as usual), while the upper one is designed to showcase one post (perhaps too glaringly). The … Continue reading

Featured posts/images in Inuit Types The blog front in Inuit Types normally displays the beginnings of your latest posts; number of posts set in Settings > Reading > “Blog pages show at most [ ] posts”. The most recent posts can be highlighted as “Featured Posts”; number of posts selected in Appearance > Theme Options > “Featured Post Entries”. … Continue reading

Header images In several themes you can use an image of your own for the header (the possibility isn’t always obvious when you view the thumbnails under Appearance > Themes, as some of them sport no image at all). The image can be a jpg or a png, or an animated gif. Two thirds of those … Continue reading


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✶ All theme-related posts are updated up to and including theme 189 in this list, but will not continue to be updated.


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