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A. Why custom menus
B. Common mistakes and misconceptions
C. How to

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Users sometimes ask if you can add an introduction to each one of your category pages. The answer is no, if one means rich content of the type you can add in a post or a static page. But some of the newer themes, as well as a few older ones, display the category description when you view a category page.

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On the duplicate content myth Duplicate content means substantive blocks of material that exist more than once in the web – in other words, substantive blocks of material that can be accessed via more than one URL. For example, if you write a lengthy reply in someone else’s blog or in a forum, and then publish this reply as … Continue reading

Category pages: heading or no heading In some themes, category pages feature no special heading whatsoever. In other themes a relevant heading is automatically produced; its form varies from theme to theme. Complete survey below (“CNH” stands for Category Name Here): [No heading] Ambiru, Andreas 04, Banana Smoothie, Benevolence, Brand New Day, Clean Home, Contempt, Digg 3 Column, Dusk, Emire, … Continue reading

“Posts on pages” Required reading 1: Post Categories Required reading 2: Post vs. Page Users sometimes ask how they can make some posts appear on a page they create. This question springs from a confusion between two different kinds of “pages”. Your main posts pages, or the pages that show up if you click certain items in … Continue reading

Modularity Lite – the hundredth theme! The WP Theme Team have been churning out new themes at a frenzied pace; the hundredth had to be a good one, and a good one it is: introduced today, Modularity Lite is a dark theme, great for photo blogging (but not only). See announcement and demo. Unique features: • Optional slideshow on the … Continue reading

The 404 error message Sometimes you try to visit a webpage but it doesn’t exist, or it has been removed, or its URL has been changed; or you mistype its URL; or you click a link that has a mistyped URL; in those (and other) cases you get the 404 / Not Found error message. (See also Wikipedia: … Continue reading

Previous/next navigation links (1) Almost all themes feature previous/next navigation tabs on the main posts pages as well as on category/archive pages. The wording varies. (Navigation tabs on single posts are generally different – covered in separate post.) A (majority): Single tabs for skipping to next/previous dynamic page, identical on main posts pages and category/archive pages Almost … Continue reading

Some remarks on Monotone and Duotone Monotone is a very unusual theme, designed to be primarily used as a photo album, with one image in each post. Unique features: • Image showcased above post title, rest of post content (if any) below title. • Images inserted in full size – resizing options/tools don’t work. • One post per page (with … Continue reading

Category/archive pages: full posts or not Update December 2012: The list below is obsolete, as WP changed many of the themes. To make their appearance more uniform, they say… In the majority of themes, posts on category or other archive pages show up just as they do on the main posts page. But in some themes only the beginnings of … Continue reading


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