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Overriding default table borders In most themes, when you create an html table the cell borders are invisible unless you specify otherwise. In some of the newer themes, however (Blogum, Bouquet, Brand New Day, Chateau, Choco, Comet, Coraline, Dusk to Dawn, Duster, Enterprise, Fresh & Clean, Fusion, Greyzed, Imbalance 2, iNove, Liquorice, Manifest, Matala, Monochrome, Neutra, Next … Continue reading

Custom header image in Inuit Types Inuit Types is the latest addition to themes. It has no header image, but you can place one in the blog title area by taking advantage of the “Front Page Intro” feature (obviously the image will appear on your front page only). Option 1 – plain image Create a 610px wide image (must … Continue reading

Sticky posts and their appearance On your main posts page, recent posts are normally displayed in reverse chronological order (latest at the top). A sticky is a post that overrides this order: no matter what its date, it will show up above the most recent post. The option is found if you click the “Visibility” tab in the Publish … Continue reading

Custom header image in Motion Good news if you’re not a fan of the ubiquitous white: the latest addition to themes is Motion, a beautiful dark-colored theme designed by 85 ideas. (Hopefully widget maniacs will resist its other temptation: widgets can be placed in the sidebar as well as a 3-column bottombar as well as the header! Another … Continue reading

Getting rid of unwanted features in MistyLook MistyLook happens to be one of the most popular themes, but users occasionally complain about this or that default feature. Some of these features can be overriden via coding: 1. An image in a post or a static page will be highlighted by a dropshadow effect. You can get rid of the dropshadow … Continue reading

Borders (pt. 2) Normal (rectangular) borders were covered in Borders pt.1; this post focuses on borders with rounded corners. But! keep in mind that rounded corners are of limited use: at the moment they don’t work in Internet Explorer or older versions of Opera. (If you’re viewing this post using either one of them, you’ll see the … Continue reading

Borders (pt. 1) Code model (in the html post or page editor, of course, as well as in text widgets): <div style="border:1px TYPE #HEX;padding:1.2em;"> CONTENT HERE </div> The numbers given above are examples. The border number determines the thickness of the border (1px = thinnest). The padding number determines the amount of space between the border and … Continue reading

Codes useful for text widgets Line breaks and blank lines Plain text typed or pasted in a text widget flows in one continuous paragraph. For line breaks you need this: <br /> For blank lines you can use this (you can adjust it by changing the number): <div style="height:14px;"></div> This code can also be used alone in a nameless … Continue reading


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