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Customizing the blog title in Blogum

The blog title in Blogum is black, and it comes with a decorative dash. If you don’t like the dash, you can use HTML in a text widget to hide it. Using a similar technique, you can also color the title, if you wish, or you can reposition the tagline.

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Alternative post formats

In most themes, posts have the same standard format on the main posts page (title, content, plus metadata & comment tab), and all the posts in a theme have the same styling. Usual exception: sticky posts or other “featured” posts.
But in some of the newer themes, you can select alternative formats for a post, in order to distinguish or highlight particular types of content. Continue reading

Changing the formatting of image captions

Users sometimes ask if and how you can change the formatting of the caption in a captioned image.
If you confine yourself to the initial result you’ll get in the Visual or the HTML editor, you cannot. But you can, if you replace the image shortcode with its actual sourcecode. Continue reading

Youtube videos starting at a specific point

YouTube videos are embedded via a WP-specific shortcode (or by simply pasting the video URL, if you have enabled auto-embeds in Settings > Media).
The shortcode allows you to add extra options too – see Support doc on YouTube.
But there’s an option missing from that doc: making the video start at a specific point. Continue reading

Post formats in Vertigo

Vertigo supports ten different post formats: standard, aside, status, chat, image, gallery, quote, link, audio, video.
Each one meant for different types of content, each one visually differentiated on the main posts page – subtly or not.
Post metadata displayed only when Continue reading themes – from most to least popular (July 2011)

Stats: July 2, 2011.
Data taken from the Theme Showcase site.
Compare with Dec. 2010 & Jan. 2011 ranking.
And watch WP continue to play games with the stats… Continue reading

Inserting Grooveshark audio players

Grooveshark has a large collection of songs and classical music. You can insert a single song, or create and insert a playlist. The embed code they provide cannot be used directly in a blog, but it can be converted to a working shortcode (see here for general background).
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Clickable header image in Vertigo

In all themes, the header image or the blog title works as a link back to your homepage. Some themes allow you to hide the actual blog title and tagline (see list in my post Header images). That’s useful if you wish to add your own header image with the blog title incorporated in it as a graphic. But if you do that in Vertigo, Continue reading

Vote for or against the new HTML editor font Click here for direct (and biased!) comparison. Click here for relevant forum thread. See discussion in timethief’s blog too. Note well: When some users complained about this in the forum, they were told to go to the forum instead. So if you don’t like the new font you can post in … Continue reading

Guide to The Morning After (To Vivian) The Morning After is one of the most recently added themes. Distinguishing feature: its homepage template – plus lots of options. The header area Upper section: title, tagline, search, header links The special header links (green icon plus text) can be any of these five: Home, About, Archives, Subscribe, Contact. Each … Continue reading

Inserting a series of Youtube videos If you have a Youtube account, you can create and save playlists. You can then insert such a playlist in your blog, and the videos will play in sequence. Useful for actual playlists as well as long videos that have been split into a number of parts. Copy the URL of the playlist; it … Continue reading

RSS and social media icons

Guest post by fellow forum volunteer Sergio (airodyssey) RSS Feeds Some themes come with built-in RSS links (posts and/or comments), either as a text link, an icon, or both, as indicated on the list below. “Built into the theme”: icons/links can be hidden with the CSS upgrade and a knowledge of the CSS language … Continue reading


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