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Mouseover images, Lightbox style

If you have the Custom Design upgrade, you can create various mouseover effects. Here’s a solution I worked out for zooming from a thumbnail to a larger view of the image (centered overlay, rest of content blackened out). Continue reading

Zooming images

If you have the Custom Design upgrade, you can easily create thumbnails that zoom to full size when you hover over them. Continue reading

Rollover images

If you have the Custom Design upgrade, then it’s easy to create an image that changes into a different image (or a different version of the same image) when you hover over it. Continue reading

Table coding for users

Tables are used to display content in rows and columns; that is, to display content as a grid of cells, with or without visible borders. This article is a detailed and up-to-date tutorial, designed specifically for users. Continue reading

Widgets for blogs: 14 – jigsaw puzzles

On you can find many jigsaw puzzles, or turn your own images into such puzzles. You can play them on the site, but you can also insert them in your blog. Continue reading

The customizer and other settings/options

What the tool does, what to do if it doesn’t work, and why you should do it anyway.

Continue reading

Spoiler/hover content

Users sometimes ask how to create content that shows up only upon hover. If you have the Custom Design upgrade, this is easy. If you don’t have the upgrade, it’s very complicated but possible. Continue reading

Guide to Mixfolio

A detailed guide to the Mixfolio theme – including how to use the gallery and image post formats (the feature that is hopelessly underdocumented in the official intro to the theme). Continue reading

Where is the theme CSS and how do I edit it?

For users who’ve bought the Custom Design upgrade:
Where is the CSS of the theme?
Why is it hidden like this?
How do I make CSS changes on

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