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Alternative post formats

In most themes, posts have the same standard format on the main posts page (title, content, plus metadata & comment tab), and all the posts in a theme have the same styling. Usual exception: sticky posts or other “featured” posts.

But in some of the newer themes, you can select alternative formats for a post, in order to distinguish or highlight particular types of content. The styling of each alternative format will be different, and it may vary from theme to theme. The number of available formats also varies from theme to theme.

“A Post Format is an option that changes the way posts are displayed when viewing either the front page of your blog, or an archive of specific posts.” “Think of a Post Format as a way for you to help your readers distinguish at a glance the type of blog post that you’ve written.”

When a theme supports post formats other than the standard one, the post editor will include a Format module. If you’re using one of the themes mentioned below but don’t see the Format module, click Screen Options (post editor screen, top right) to enable it.

Designed for brief text snippets (similar to Facebook note updates). On the main page of the blog the post title won’t show up.
(Note: that doesn’t mean you mustn’t enter a title in the post editor.)

Supported in:
Beach, Blogum, Bouquet, Bueno, Chateau, Chunk, Coraline, Dusk to Dawn, Duster, Esquire, Fruit Shake, iTheme2, Liquorice, Manifest, Matala, Mystique, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Quintus, Reddle, Retro MacOS, Rusty Grunge, Selecta, Skeptical, Spectrum, The Morning After, Toolbox, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Vertigo.

Designed to highlight an audio post.

Supported in:
Chunk, Dusk to Dawn, Esquire, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Selecta, Skeptical, Vertigo.

Designed for chat transcripts. Successive paragraphs will alternate between bold and regular text (or some other differentiation).

Supported in:
Chunk, Dusk to Dawn, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Selecta, Skeptical, Vertigo.

Designed to indicate that the post is an image gallery (without showing the actual gallery on the main page of the blog): a sample image is displayed, along with a note on the number of images contained in the gallery.
Extra content can be displayed on the main page if you add it to the Excerpt module of the post editor (except where noted).

Supported in:
Beach, Blogum, Bouquet, Chateau, Chunk, Coraline, Dusk to Dawn, Duster, Esquire (no excerpt), Forever, Fruit Shake, iTheme2, Liquorice, Manifest (no excerpt), Matala, Mystique, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Rusty Grunge, Selecta, Skeptical, Spectrum, Toolbox, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Vertigo.

Designed to highlight a single image. (But the post can include other content too.)

Supported in:
Blogum, Bouquet, Chateau, Chunk, Dusk to Dawn, Esquire, Forever, Fruit Shake, Liquorice, Manifest, Matala, Mystique, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Reddle, Selecta, Skeptical, Twenty Eleven, Vertigo.

Designed to work as an external link: if the post includes a link to a webpage, the title of the post will link to that webpage. (If the post includes more than one link, the first one will be used.)

Supported in:
Chunk, Dusk to Dawn, Duster, Esquire, Fruit Shake, Manifest, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Quintus, Skeptical, Spectrum, Twenty Eleven, Vertigo.

Designed to highlight quotations.

Supported in:
Beach, Chunk, Dusk to Dawn, Duster, Esquire, Forever, Fruit Shake, Liquorice, Matala, Mystique, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Quintus, Rusty Grunge, Selecta, Skeptical, Spectrum, Twenty Eleven, Vertigo.

Designed for short personal update messages (similar to Twitter status updates). In most themes the post will include the author’s avatar.

Supported in:
Beach, Duster, Forever, Fruit Shake, Manifest, Matala, Pink Touch 2, Rusty Grunge, Spectrum, Twenty Eleven, Vertigo.

Designed to highlight a video post.

Supported in:
Chunk, Esquire, Matala, Next Saturday, Pink Touch 2, Selecta, Skeptical, Sundance, Vertigo.

For the reverse list (what post formats each theme supports) see here:
Note that this list includes “premium” themes too (not covered in my blog).

For an example of (rather fancifully styled) post formats, check my post on the Vertigo post formats.

You can also visit the Theme Showcase site and see the themes in action. Unfortunately, the various post formats are displayed in some of the demo themes only.

So note that the descriptions in this post are short generalized ones: to see if you like the post formats your theme supports, you must experiment with them yourself and check what exactly the result is in each case. Depending on the theme and the format, the changes may range from discreet to gross, and they may include various quirks and surprises too: for example, Mystique image format results in no post metadata, Matala image format results in centered text, Manifest image format results in no text at all [corrected].


38 thoughts on “Alternative post formats

  1. Thanks again for providing solid info. Interesting tidbit about using the excerpt function to display additional info in Gallery posts (if the theme supports it).

    One Gallery oddity wpgaurav posted about in the forum involved Manifest. *No* text is displayed, neither on the front page nor in the full post and not on attachment pages.

    Posted by Jennifer | August 9, 2011, 00:54
  2. Solid? Rather laconic, I’d say… I avoided giving details on how each format looks in each theme, mostly because I’d have to update this each time a new theme that supports post formats is launched. Frankly, at the rate new themes are added, updating all my theme-related posts has become a very tiresome chore.

    “If the theme supports it”? Almost no if! Most of these themes don’t support excerpts if you use the standard format but they do if you use the gallery format (only Esquire and Manifest don’t). In fact, my next post will be precisely about this: how the gallery format extends the list of themes in which you can use custom excerpts.

    Posted by Panos | August 9, 2011, 02:55
  3. No, solid. It’s generic enough that it can be applied to most themes using post formats and detailed enough to understand what the differences are between post formats.

    I can imagine that the upkeep on your theme posts is a bit frenetic. Sort of a “good news, bad news” situation. :)

    Will be looking forward to hearing about your discovery.

    Posted by Jennifer | August 9, 2011, 09:07
  4. Well, frenetic would be an exaggeration, but by now each time I see the number changed in Appearance>Themes I go: again? (most likely followed or replaced by expletive…)

    Posted by Panos | August 9, 2011, 09:47
  5. Sorry, but the little experience I’ve had with looking at post formats, they don’t seem to be significantly different from each other (except for in the Veritgo theme with its “…(rather fancifully styled) post formats,…)”

    Other than that the gallery/excerpt test I used with (which theme?? I forget: twenty ten?) for my work-blog) All it did in that case was to make a prominent note that “this gallery has x # of photos.

    When I have time I’ll have to investigate what the various post formats look like in a few other themes. For example, does a “Link” format look significantly different in some themes? Well, if one writes a normal post with content, other than the “Link ” format have anything especially special about the way it looks? (other than saying “link” or “gallery” above it?)

    Am I being too old fashioned for this stuff? I like a post to have content which I’ve written… I get an impression that wordpress blogging formats are moving into a different direction.

    Posted by Tess | August 10, 2011, 04:04
  6. Depends on the theme: some formats in some themes have very prominent differences.

    And no, I don’t like this whole new business either. Maybe I’m old-fashioned too, but I think it can easily turn your blog into a circus.

    Posted by Panos | August 10, 2011, 04:43
  7. Hello there,
    This is a good reference post. Thank you for it.

    I played with post formats on my personal blog (Chateau) and discovered the thubmail gallery image with the title at the side (concise). I hasn’t hepped up on it but then I’m no photographer. As far as asides go, I’m stressed out trying to find the time to blog at all so I publish posts when I do publish. Which is not to say others won’t welcome using these post formats, the ones available on my theme don’t appeal to me.

    I’m smiling at easily turn your blog into a circus comment. I do believe I have seen some blogs decked out that way. I don’t know if I’m old fashioned or not but I’m definitely a minimalist.

    Posted by timethief | August 10, 2011, 07:41
  8. Thanks TT. Yes, circus! I mean, look at this:
    Bronze frame for image format, TV monitor for video format, album cover for audio format, orange bg for quote format… Nice new toys for kids, but for serious blogging? Don’t think so. But of course, as you say, you don’t have to use them.

    Posted by Panos | August 10, 2011, 12:42
  9. Wow! that is colorful!
    Of course I’ll admit that I do get carried away with colors and the occasional background image…

    Posted by Tess | August 10, 2011, 17:05
  10. You mean you like it? In my opinion the antique bronze frame belongs to a theme and the TV monitor belongs to a different one. Even if you’re not a minimalist, my feeling is that these formats destroy the unity of your page. As you said in your previous comment, you can make your content as colorful as you want: doesn’t necessarily extend to, say, replacing post titles with images.

    Posted by Panos | August 10, 2011, 17:34
  11. No, silly! I do not like it: I was being sarcastic, while at the same time referring to the fact that some readers may find my way of playing with colors is distracting.

    Especially with my second blog, which has become picture-laden, I think I am adding color (myself) in a way similar to the way Monotone / Duotone do automatically—but different things appeal to each person.

    New themes and features are coming so fast and furious that I can’t keep up, so thank you for showing us a second illustration of formats gone too far.

    The few I’ve had time to look at, the post formats were more subtle. I was (/ am?) looking for a theme which could use excerpts for the work blog so I didn’t pay any attention to the bizarre formats. Chateau has drawbacks but meets most requirements.

    Posted by Tess | August 10, 2011, 18:02
  12. Ah! For a moment I…

    Fast and furious – new theme added today (unfortunately for me, not a premium one)!

    Posted by Panos | August 10, 2011, 18:10
  13. I am hurt that even for a moment you would think…
    I am also hurt that I have not yet received notification via email about another new theme.

    If it helps, we all appreciate your continuing updates.

    Posted by Tess | August 10, 2011, 21:20
  14. I didn’t see the point of the Aside format on 2010, where it just stuck it in between the longer posts in a way that was confusing. But I do like the way Morning After puts them in a separate little section on the front page. I’ve found myself using this for quick links that I don’t necessarily have much to say about but want my readers to be aware of. I don’t like, however, that I have to change the format from Aside to Standard to get it off the front page–there should be a limit to the Asides on the front page, give me an option to have 5 or 10 or whatever and then they just slip off into Aside Retirement.

    Posted by ELMalvaney | August 10, 2011, 21:36
  15. @Tess:

    Hihi! (“You mean you like it?” in that comment was uttered in a trembling voice…)

    In the meantime I thought that the only case I might accept that kind of “colorfulness” would be a blog with only one post per page.

    Oh? You receive notifications about new themes? Where from?

    And am I pissed! I ran all the tests for Pink Touch, and said let’s update the posts today and get it over with. And halfway through the updating I’m seeing Quintus. Damn!


    Yes, I guess TMA is the only theme that uses asides cleverly (if you except the drawback you mention).

    Posted by Panos | August 10, 2011, 21:41
  16. Panos,
    Hihi you! We are both speaking a foreign language I think, being restricted here to short typed posts. (and probably not according to your very clear comment guidelines)

    So misunderstandings will no doubt result. I just wanted to be clear, having had an in-person miscommunication only this past weekend meeting by daughter’s Belgian boyfriend of many years for the first time: we were even speaking to each other in person and his English is excellent. No serious harm in either case, but best to be direct and honest.

    (no emoticons for sarcasm, nor trembling, nor for “ask me one more question.” —he is for the most part direct, clear, and expressive, but in the one case, I’d say we were both nervous and too polite. YIKES it was an issue about what to have for dinner for Pete’s sake!)

    As for the emails, I guess I subscribed to news. But even now, there is no notification of the two new themes.
    By the time I get notifications, they seem to have been out for hours already…
    I can see the new themes here: but still not in my email.
    How did you find out about them?

    Posted by Tess | August 10, 2011, 22:47
  17. @ ELMALVANEY ,
    I agree that “asides” should just slip off the hope page. My thought was that they should have an expiration date. But that might be more of an “announcement” format I’d wish for.

    Posted by Tess | August 10, 2011, 22:52
  18. A date would work too–I use the asides for links to newsy items, and often the newspapers in question have a time-limit, maybe 10 days, maybe 30 when the link gets consigned the subscription archives, so an expiration date is a good idea!

    Posted by ELMalvaney | August 11, 2011, 00:09
  19. @Panos,
    Is it not possible to have nested comments when using The Morning After? I an visually challenged. The font size is amll bu I iincreased it and I had to scroll way down here to reply to you – yuck! As for the theme you point to, it appears we similar taste in themes. lol :D

    Posted by timethief | August 11, 2011, 00:50
  20. OMG! I just saw my typos and want to crawl under a rock. If you have never experienced humilty, then you have not had to recover from a head injury and ended up with being visually imaired. By now I ought to have swallowed my pride – but I haven’t. I’m off to pout in a corner because I didn’t use after the deadline before clicking. :(

    P.S. Have put Quintus through testing on my test blog. Excerpt box does not work but I do like the theme and may be switching over to it.

    Posted by timethief | August 11, 2011, 00:57
  21. I’ve spent lots of time on your site while starting my blog so I want to start by saying thanks for all the great info. I found out the hard way that matala centers text on gallery posts. Took me forever to figure out what was going on! (actually, I didn’t figure it out..some kind soul on the forum replied to my support question!) Ugh. However, I found that if I write the post in standard format, I can switch it to Gallery without my text going all wonky. My main blog is on squarespace and I’m finding the WP visual editor difficult to tame, comparatively speaking. Pretty much having to stay in HTML to make things “work”.

    Also, I’ve searched your site for smugmug and didn’t get any results. Perhaps a tutorial or post on integrating smugmug stuff at some point? While helping my dad out with his travel blog I’ve had some dumb luck throwing everything I can at the wall…some of it sticks, much of it doesn’t. Seems there is some WP support for smugmug, but it’s not very intuitive and there’s no mention on the support pages. I’ve also been able to use the Flickr widget to display smugmug rss feeds. Anyway, I digress. I’ll quit rambling and going off topic now! Thanks Again for all the work you have put into your site!

    Posted by Holly | August 11, 2011, 05:52
  22. @Tess:

    Yes, an isolated phrase in a comment is easy to misunderstand – or not understand. For a new example, what’s that about my comment guidelines?

    I usually find out about new themes because I change themes all the time in my test blog. I was updating my posts to add Pink Touch, thought of something else I wanted to check, go to Appearance>Themes, and see to my horror that the number was suddenly 142 instead of 141…


    Come on, you’re exaggerating: you just typed it very hastily. But if you prefer, I can edit the comment and remove the OMG paragraph of the next one (along with this reply of mine).

    Yes, of course TMA supports nested comments, only I hate them: in this I’m definitely old-fashioned!


    You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words.

    The post would be a lot better if I included all the details about all the formats in all the themes, but I decided no to do that, mostly because of the rate WP launches new themes this year: I can hardly cope with the testing and the updating.

    Matala centers the text if you select Image format, not Gallery.

    What exactly do you need re Smugmug?

    Posted by Panos | August 11, 2011, 15:57
  23. The post would be a lot better if I included all the details about all the formats in all the themes, but I decided no to do that, mostly because of the rate WP launches new themes this year: I can hardly cope with the testing and the updating.”

    I’m amazed at how much info you do provide for each theme and the process you must go through to analyze it all and then organize it for readers of your blog. When I asked some of my friends who have been using wordpress ‘forever’ if there were any unique characteristics in any of the themes (eg.widgets, menus, indexes), they didn’t have a clue what I meant. “They all offer the same options since it’s essentially a MuWP install,” was the response. You must live in spreadsheets?

    As to Matala- I thought by writing the initial post in standard and then switching to image, it would keep the original format. I was wrong. I have another “image” post that I must of left aligned and just don’t remember doing it.

    On to Smugmug- I’m helping my dad (who’s using an iPad but doesn’t even know what the app store is) with his arctic circle travel blog. He uploads the videos and pics to Smugmug so I can put them in the blog posts for him. Now, I was able to use gigya code but it’s flash and doesn’t show up on his ipad so he’s thinking it’s not there. So now I’m just posting the straight-up link to the video. And although he can now see it, I’m not able to center align or can I?
    If I understand correctly, the link has to be on it’s own line so no formatting? It appears that WP has some kind of support for smugmug since the video does embed in the post, but no shortcode?
    (a link to a post w/video)

    SM also has a slideshow option, but I think it uses flash only so Gigya would most likely be the only option unless there is some unwritten Smugmug support out there. Which could be possible since I was able to use the Flickr Widget as a Smugmug image feed!

    Posted by Holly | August 16, 2011, 06:54
  24. “Live in spreadsheets?” Ha! Actually I live in books and music. This WP business is just one well-organized folder in my computer.

    No, a standard-turned-to-image post won’t retain the formatting: the whole point of an alternative format is that you switch to a different styling. For a left-aligned image format post, you need to add the right code in the HTML editor:

    <div style="text-align:left;">

    Yes, pasting the URL works with Smugmug videos – provided you have enabled auto-embeds in Settings>Media (that’s where you set the default width too). You can center the video using the same type of coding as above:

    <div style="text-align:center;">

    Posted by Panos | August 17, 2011, 05:37
  25. Hallo Panos,
    the other day you so kindly and quickly helped me change back background colors of my new blog on the forum.
    Here I am with another question (actually there may be many, many more as I am totally new to the concept of blogging and everything involved, but as I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities, new and technical terms etc, I’ll take ik as it comes ….)

    With each post I insert some pictures. Right now one has to click on each one of them seperately to open it; very time consuming… I would prefer it to maybe be like click on one to enlarge and then have a little arrow to get the next one.

    Reading your post here, does that mean my theme (Spectrum) does not support that feature? Would that be what you mention under “Gallery” above?
    And if so, would changing the theme automatically move my posts and pictures and adjust them to that new format?

    Seeing all the technical details and programming language here on your side makes me a bit humble and I’m trying hard not to be intimidated by it :-)
    So forgive me, if my question may be a bit silly!

    Regards from the Netherlands,

    Posted by Sigrid | August 17, 2011, 10:43
  26. Hi,
    Your question isn’t silly, it’s a very reasonable one. But you don’t need the gallery post format, you need the gallery feature. See here:

    Posted by Panos | August 17, 2011, 16:28
  27. Hallo Panos,
    Thank you for your reply (and not thinking of the question as being silly :-) ) !
    I read through the info given in the above links. I did not find a solution like I imagined (click on a photo to enlarge and then have an ‘arrow’ (link) to get to see the next photo of the same gallery, enlarged also.

    I figure, one way around that could be to enlarge the size of the thumbnail so they won’t necessarily have to be enlarged, though I’m afraid the posts may become very long.

    Thanks for offering a place to turn to with all those questions :-)

    Posted by Sigrid | August 17, 2011, 20:50
  28. I said you need the gallery feature, because it does exactly what you want: when you click on a gallery image, it links to an attachment page with a larger version of the image plus navigation links. Check this demo post:
    Click on the middle image and you’ll see “Previous” and “Next” links. In the theme you’re using, the navigation links will be thumbnails of the previous and next images.

    Posted by Panos | August 17, 2011, 22:30
  29. Oh dear, I’m a bit confused – what do you mean by gallery feature?

    I looked up this link and realise I had read it after your first reply, but had not checked the pictures, because the post is about excluded images.
    Indeed, this is what I am looking for (with the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links). I’m afraid I still do not understand how to achieve this.
    As you highlighted this article to me, I did follow the steps given there and looked up the id of one of my photo’s, excluded it and then … the only thing happening was indeed the vanishing of that picture :-).

    I’m feeling a bit stupid now, well at least “digitally quite uneducated” :-(

    Posted by Sigrid | August 18, 2011, 01:06
  30. The last link I gave you was just a demo post in which you could easily see the previous/next tabs. I didn’t highlight it for the instructions: the basic instructions are found in the previous two links.

    Since the instructions in two links include lots of other details you may never need, let me give it a try instead:

    Suppose you want a gallery of six images.
    • Make sure you’ve got those six images in one folder in your computer.
    • Create a new post.
    • Click the Add an Image tool, click Select Files to select and upload all the images at once.
    • Once uploading is over, click Save All Changes, then click Insert Gallery.
    • Update post.

    That’s all. The result will be a set of thumbnails arranged in rows of three, each one of which will link to its respective attachment page (with previous/next links).

    You can change the number of images per row (by selecting the preffered number from the “Gallery columns” pulldown), and you can change the default size for thumbnails in Settings > Media.

    Posted by Panos | August 18, 2011, 02:46
  31. @SIGRID,

    If I may clarify, the gallery post format is not the same thing as using the gallery shortcode (feature or function).

    The gallery post format only makes a sample picture look different, depending on which theme you use, and will indicate that the post contains (mostly???) a gallery. I guess it features only one picture until the reader clicks on the post itself. (I think??) As mentioned above by Panos, here is an extreme example:

    The gallery shortcode allows you to display an array of pictures, in any theme.

    Extra info I find useful:
    You can make a gallery display your pictures in more than one or more columns, say 3 pictures in a row. In some themes they may display with a border (html or a drop-shadow image) around them, but as far as I know they display without baroque decoration.

    The default setting for the gallery shortcode is to display thumbnails, which is why Panos suggests that you can adjust the size of the thumbnails to be larger via Settings —> Media. (or you could adjust the size of medium pictures the same way: I regularly use small thumbnails and rarely use medium sized ones so I would make them a size that fits 3 images in a row for my theme)
    Use medium-sized pictures by adding to the basic shortcode like this:
    [gallery columns="3" size="medium"]

    If you want to open your pictures in an attachment page, so you will have links from one picture to the next, and then back to your post, when you insert the gallery you should choose

    Link thumbnails to: Image File <Attachment Page

    The link Panos gave you to
    has lots more detail about using gallery shortcode.

    Posted by Tess | August 18, 2011, 05:56
  32. @Panos,
    re your comment guidelines: I know I go off topic
    and my apologies now if I have muddied the water for sigrid with regard to the difference between a gallery format and a gallery shortcode (and the extra, possibly unnecessary, detail about using it).
    Misunderstandings: make the miso marinated beef (even if it’s not Kosher)…

    Posted by Tess | August 18, 2011, 06:18
  33. @ Panos and Tess: Thank you so much for coming to my help :-) !!

    May I say I did insert my pictures just like that: When writing a post, I clicked on the little “Insert Media” icon, followed the instruction and ‘added gallery’ (you know, selecting several images from my laptop, uploading them, save changes, etc, etc)
    Initially it took me quite some time to figure out the order in which the photo’s appear and the number of photo’s in a row :-)

    I kept it default for ‘attachment page’ as I wasn’t sure what it meant (btw that part is getting clearer by now :-) )

    Reading the last alinea of the quote Tess is mentioning, it implies that inserting pictures like this would ‘automatically’ give you the links from one picture to another – in my case it obviously doesn’t….

    So, being new here and unfamiliar with webpages (or the making of them) I assumed it was my fault or lack of understanding. Reading your last two reactions, I’m not so sure anymore that’s the only reason ;-)

    Ref the link on all the gallery short codes: I really appriciate it! However, lots of the info is a bit overwhelming as I still struggle with many of the given terms and trying to understand how (and why) a webpage is functioning.
    It was quite an achievement in my eyes to actually make the picture vanish … my first babysteps in HTML-programming-land :-)

    As a little P.S.: Using Dutch as primary language of my blog, wordpress offers the expressions and help text in Dutch, but some of them obviously weren’t translated and come in English. And I guess some of them even are translated to confuse (at least me). Herewith I am referring to my ‘background question’, where the “clear” button is translated in a way that would translate back to “light” in English…..

    Posted by Sigrid | August 18, 2011, 09:55
  34. Oh, I’m sorry. There is something wrong with my internet connection (it is so so very slow) that I can not even look at your source code. Even this short message will take at least 5 minutes to load…
    Panos will be better help anyway.

    Posted by Tess | August 18, 2011, 11:49
  35. @Tess:

    Yes, the gallery format shows that the post is a gallery or mostly a gallery (in some themes it can display text as well, in some it won’t).
    Yes, it features only one picture on the main page, plus an automatically created note on the number of images the post contains.
    But the Esquire example you linked to is the Image format of the theme, not the Gallery format. For examples of Gallery format posts see here (some themes display a thumbnail, some a full-size sample):

    Now that I checked your blog more carefully, I saw that yes you’ve been using the gallery feature. Where you’ve gone wrong is that you’ve made your gallery images link to the real-size originals instead of the attachment pages. As I said from the start, the previous/next tabs or thumbnails show up on the attachment pages. So you need to edit your already published posts and correct the galleries. Click on the box that represents the gallery (visual editor), click the edit tool (photo icon), select Link thumbnails to > Attachment Page (in Danish: Vedhæftede filer), click Update gallery settings, click Update (post). Or –much faster– switch the editor to HTML and remove this from the gallery shortcode:

    Posted by Panos | August 18, 2011, 13:42
  36. @ Tess: Hope your internet connection is working well again soon!!

    @ Panos: Thank you, thank you, thank you :-) !! It works and I just corrected all my galleries (luckily it’s still a new blog :-) )

    Funny thing: In all the galleries “attachment page” had been checked from the beginning as it seems to be a default setting. However, thanks for also giving the HTML tip, that finally did the trick.
    Even funnier thing: I posted a new post and without doing ‘anything’ (just kept the check on attachment page, did not have to remove the link code since it didn’t appear) this time the feature immediately worked – the pictures could be clicked from one to another.

    Thanks again for taking your time and helping me out! I really appreciate it!

    Regards from the Netherlands,

    Posted by Sigrid | August 18, 2011, 21:48
  37. You’re welcome Sigrid!

    Posted by Panos | August 19, 2011, 15:36


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