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Header tabs

In some themes, when you create new pages you automatically get tabs for them in the header (“top menu” or “top navigation”). Other themes have no header tabs (so you need the Pages widget for the sidebar or bottombar).

Header tabs:

Adventure Journal
Andreas 04
Andreas 09
Bold Life
Brand New Day [see note 7]
Chaos Theory
Clean Home
Contempt [see note 2]
Dark Wood
Day Dream [see note 2]
DePo Masthead
Digg 3 Column [see note 2]
Elegant Grunge
Enterprise [see note 5]
Fresh & Clean
Imbalance 2
iNove [see note 4]
Inuit Types
Misty Look [see note 3]
Modularity Lite
Monochrome [see notes 2,4,6]
Motion [see note 5]
Neutra [see note 3]
Notepad [see note 2]
Ocean Mist
Oulipo [see note 7]
Piano Black
Redoable Lite
Retro MacOs [see note 7]
Rusty Grunge
Sandbox 1.6.1
Sandbox 1.6.2
Spring Loaded
Strange Little Town
Suburbia [see note 7]
Sunspot [see note 7]
The Morning After
Titan [see notes 5&6]
Triton Lite
Twenty Eleven
Twenty Ten
Under the Influence [see notes 2&6]
Unsleepable [see note 2]
Vertigo [*]
Vostok [**]
Wu Wei

No header tabs:

Almost Spring
Banana Smoothie
Chaotic Soul [but yes if you load a custom menu]
DePo Square
Dusk to Dawn [but yes if you load a custom menu] [see note 7]
Esquire [but yes if you load a custom menu]
Fjords 04
Fleur de Lys
Flower Power
Fresh Bananas
Fruit Shake [but yes if you load a custom menu]
Girl in Green
Green Marinée
Grid Focus
MLB (all three)
Monotone [***]
Next Saturday [but yes if you load a custom menu]
Pink Touch 2 [but yes if you load a custom menu]
Reddle [but yes if you load a custom menu]
Sandbox 0.6.1
Sandbox 1.1
Shocking Blue Green
Silver is the New Black
Supposedly Clean
Sweet Blossoms
The Journalist v1.3
The Journalist v1.9
Twenty-eight Thirteen
Vermilion Christmas
White as Milk
Wordpress Classic

[*] Actually in the footer area!
[**] Optional (Appearance > Theme Options > Show top navigation).
[***] Monotone actually does have two built-in page tabs (Archive and About), but that’s all you get: creating new pages won’t give you new header tabs. You can sidestep this limitation by setting a static front page as well as a posts page (see here), and writing links to your pages in the static front page.

Other notes on header tabs:

1. Only parent pages show up in the header (but see post on dropdowns and links to child pages). If you create child pages, you normally need the Pages widget anyway. But you can also take advantage of that to intentionally hide a page (if you have the Pages widget in the sidebar or bottombar, you edit it to exclude that page from showing there as well).

2. Contempt, Day Dream, Digg3, Monochrome, Notepad, Under the Influence and Unsleepable have room for one row of header tabs only.

3. The built-in search box hides the rightmost tab or tabs in Koi and Misty Look, clashes with them in Neutra. In Koi and Misty Look it can be disabled (Appearance > Theme Options).

4. In iNove and Monochrome the header tabs can be pages or post categories (option set under Appearance > Theme Options).

5. Enterprise, Motion and Titan have two sets of header tabs: pages and categories. In Motion, category tabs can be deactivated; in Titan, category and/or page tabs can be deactivated (under Appearance > Theme options).

6. In Monochrome, Titan, and Under the Influence, you can also exclude individual pages and/or categories from showing in the header (again under Appearance > Theme options). To do that, you need their ID numbers: go to Pages>Edit or Posts>Categories, hover over page or category title, look at the end of the permalink shown in the progress/status bar of your browser.

7. Brand New Day, Dusk to Dawn, Oulipo, Retro MacOS, Suburbia, Sunspot: tabs actually in sidebar.

8. For the special Home/Front/Blog tab see here.

9. In some themes you can turn the page tabs into links to other webpages; see this post.

Update: Instead of the regular set of header tabs, you can now display a custom one (created via Appearance > Menus) comprising any of your pages, any of your categories, and any links to other webpages. See the official doc as well as my guide. Beach, Comet, Enterprise and Imbalance 2 support two custom header menus; Shaan and Vostok also support two custom menus, but the second one is in the footer area; Nuntius supports three custom menus (two in the header and one in the footer).



19 thoughts on “Header tabs

  1. I using PressRow theme, I wan add a new Tab called “Portfolio” which link to my portfolio.html
    I tried add new pages at the cpanel of wordpress then published but the pages doesn’t show in the as well the tab remain Blog, Archive & About. Supposed is Blog, Archive, About & Portfolio. How may I do these instead edit from the PHP file.

    Posted by kiancher | November 5, 2009, 03:35
  2. Yours is a self-hosted blog, not a one: different software, know nothing about it. But I can see “Portfolio” in your header, so you obviously resolved the issue. Sorry I couldn’t help.

    Posted by Panos | November 5, 2009, 11:24
  3. I apologize for using an excerpt of this post when answering forum questions without an attribution link.

    Posted by timethief | May 19, 2010, 08:45
  4. Ok. (I’m not replying in the forum, so that this fades away as soon as possible.)

    Posted by Panos | May 20, 2010, 03:13
  5. I am using Inuit Types, only the ‘About’ tab on display, but I have seen other blogs with same theme with numerous tabs next to ‘About’. How do I recreate this on my own blog?

    Many thanks

    Posted by NoughtsnotCrosses | March 24, 2011, 18:09
  6. Depends on what those tabs are supposed to link to, so you need to tell me that.

    Posted by Panos | March 25, 2011, 06:14
  7. ok, they would be links to difference pages. for example a tab stating ‘relationship’, ‘photography’ ‘books’. once you click on any of these I’d like it to take you to a page where I’ll post things on the topics.

    I gather that categories almost has the same function, but preferably I would like it on the tab, next to ‘about’.

    Posted by NoughtsnotCrosses | March 25, 2011, 11:55
  8. Thank you so much, I finally figured it out. I’m sensing progress lol

    Posted by NoughtsnotCrosses | March 28, 2011, 05:47
  9. You’re welcome. But if you want to publish posts under those topics, the tabs should be post categories, not pages.

    Posted by Panos | March 29, 2011, 04:36
  10. lol that was going to be my next question!!! Right that’s were I’m going wrong. Just posted something, although it showed on the wall/home page, when I click onto the ‘news’ tab it isn’t there. I shall try your suggestion. Keep reading my mind, I like it loool

    One more question: I want the ‘home’ page to display pictures when I have a new post -IT doesn’t look appealing. I saw this effect (here She uses the same theme as mine. Any advice?

    Posted by NoughtsnotCrosses | March 31, 2011, 13:32
  11. a) You need to go to Appearance>Menus and create a different menu which will include your post categories.

    b) See here:

    Posted by Panos | April 1, 2011, 11:01
  12. Hello Panos; I tried and simply cannot do it. *sigh. You said the’tabs should be post categories’; does that mean that I must delete the tabs?

    Also the featured image is difficult to adjust. it is too wide across the page. I want it to be the size of the thumbnail. This is too hard!!

    Posted by NoughtsnotCrosses | April 12, 2011, 20:32
  13. a) You wish to have a top nav menu with tabs linking to some static pages (such as your “About” page) plus some dynamic pages (such as your “Relationships” post category). You go to Appearance>Menus, create a new menu, give it a title (say, “My Top Menu”); you tick About etc in the Pages module and click Add to Menu; you tick Relationships etc in the Categories module and click Add to Menu; you drag the newly added labels vertically to change their order, click Save Menu, select “My Top Menu” from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module, click Save.
    See here too:

    b) You cannot really adjust the size of the featured images unless you have the paid CSS upgrade. What you can do is display your posts in two columns instead of one (as in the example you linked to): go to Appearance > Theme Options, uncheck the options “One Column Featured Posts” and “One Column Normal Posts”, click Save Changes.

    Posted by Panos | April 13, 2011, 10:50
  14. I’m just seeing this interesting post by Panos from March 2009. It gets to some of the issues I’ve been struggling with as I explore the functionality of “HeaderTabs” and the related functionality of Menus.

    Panos wrote:
    Update: Instead of the regular set of header tabs, you can now display a custom one (created via Appearance > Menus) comprising any of your pages, any of your categories, and any links to other webpages.

    you can display a custom one INSTEAD OF or IN ADDITION TO the inherent header tab???

    That would be very helpful to know/understand.

    Posted by samadams1773 | March 17, 2012, 23:44
  15. Custom header menu is displayed instead of regular menu. Header menu doesn’t equal header tab. See here for more:

    Posted by Panos | March 18, 2012, 01:01
  16. Thanks for offering this embellishment (clarification), Panos. So one replaces the other: it’s “either/or”. That was crucial to know. Excellent.

    I appreciate your sentiment that the “Header menu doesn’t equal header tab” and I had already reviewed the link you provided. I long to understand the difference.

    Frankly, the best way for me (at least) to understand what in my mind is subtle distinction between Header Tabs and a Menu is to experiment. Once I understand that distinction, I may make a post to convey this. From what I’ve seen, such a post is heretofore not available, and I think it would be very helpful for a lot of WP beginners.


    Posted by samadams1773 | March 18, 2012, 03:19


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